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1340 Sherman Street
Denver, 80203
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Friday 8pm-4am
Saturday 8pm-4am


The Retreat is a private, membership required club. Colorado's most Spacious, Tasteful and Elegant First Class Club, for adults wanting to enjoy an open uninhibited Lifestyle. Experience the hottest, sexiest nights of your life in plush, modern surroundings. The Retreat offers 6,000 square feet of adult fun. We're easy to reach and located in an discreet area with plenty of safe parking.

The Retreat, believes in maximum personal freedom for every individual, and that individuals have both the privilege and the responsibility to determine that which is right for themselves, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others.

The Retreat is an On Premise Private "membership required " club for mature couples and single ladies. Our social scene is open, friendly, and trusting. We are located in the Denver Metro area, just twenty minutes west of downtown.
The Retreat is Denver's longest established on-premise Lifestyle club. The property and facility were acquired and opened in October of 1978. We were originally known as Leglise". In 1980, the entire club underwent extensive renovations to adapt to the needs and desires of the lifestyle community. In 1983, renovations were underway, and, thus was born The Retreat. The club is owned and operated by experienced couples, with the continuing goal of exceeding our member's expectations by providing an attractive, clean, private atmosphere. Which allows couples and single women to meet, socialize, and enjoy good times, all within friendly, relaxed surroundings.

Our private, club consists of a large custom dance floor, with a DJ who is alive and who plays the latest music plus your request on Friday and Saturday nights, and a conversation pit with a custom brass fireplace. We also have a large group room, both private and semi-private rooms, and two service bars. The bars are kept stocked with soda pop, coffee, ice, snacks, and non-breakable drink ware.

No alcohol is sold; however, you may bring alcoholic beverages for your personal consumption. In addition, a television lounge is available to meet and greet your friends. Our most popular feature is our huge fiberglass hot tub, which can easily accommodate 15 to 20 people. The tub is equipped with both air and water jets. There is also a locker room area to store personal belongings, and freshly laundered towels are provided.

The Retreat hosts a theme party every month, during the long hot summer months; we offer two barbecues a month. To make these events special, we provide free a full buffet a with a variety of menu choices.

I am interested in the swinging lifestyle. How do I convince my spouse to try swinging?
This is a common dilemma many people find themselves in. The reality of it all there is no standard answer, but a bit of advice is to be open and honest about your new desires and be patient. Focus on the positive, i.e. sexual variety; sexual fulfillment, and the potential of carrying out of one's fantasies are among the advantages of swinging.

Increased sexual excitement for both partners as a result of your new types of sexual experiences and the discussions of actual sexual experiences. But remember Take Baby Steps.

Swinging is an alternative that is emerging within the traditional structure of marriage in this country. Except for their participation in co-marital sex, most swingers are living in a traditional nuclear family.

If we attend are we required to have sex?
Absolutely not! The lifestyle is all about sexual freedom, exploring and fulfilling your sexual fantasies. You may choose to go as far as you are comfortable with. An important thing to remember is to be open with the other couples about your desires and preferences. Many people attend who are considered to be Soft swingers, Voyeurs and Exhibitionists.

Why doesnt The Retreat allow single men to attend by themselves?
This has been and is a long-standing policy of The Retreat. The majority of our members feel uncomfortable


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