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General Information

Since the full legalization of prostitution and brothels in 2002, the red light sector has seen a large growth. Nowadays every major city offers a good selection of clubs and locations, making Germany an interesting destination for travellers interested in high-quality paysex.

Types of Adult Entertainment Places in Germany

FKK Club

Modeled after the famous Termas in Brazil, FKK Clubs are large venues which typically offer additional recreational facilities like saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools and such. Usually, patrons have to pay an admittance fee, which can range between 20 and 60 Euros, and often covers free drinks or even a buffet. Girls working in FKK clubs are usually independent and charge a service fee between 40 and 70 Euros per 30 minutes, which must be paid in cash before or after engaging the service (depending on the venue).


A Flatrate Club is a special kind of "all-inclusive" FKK club, which charges a significantly higher entrance fee (often between 100 and 200 Euros), but does not charge additional fees for the service. Patrons can make out with the ladies as often as they want (and can), though it must be said that such places are sometimes overcrowded, especially during peak hours.


In addition to FKK Clubs, there are a large number of regular brothels in Germany, most of them being either Studios or Laufhäuser (see below).
Studio / Hostessenwohnung
Unlike FKK clubs, Studios do not have a common area where patrons meet the girls, instead they are walked into a private room, where they sit down and check out the girls, which come into the room one after each other to present themselves.
Laufhaus / Eros Center
In contrast to studios, a Eros Center or Laufhaus ("walking house") is a house where the girls are sitting in front of their rooms, waiting for patrons walking through the hallways (hence the name). Laufhäuser can usually be found in larger cities, and are somewhat less expensive than FKK clubs or studios, with fees starting at 30 Euros for regular service.

red-light street

Red-light streets are complete streets dedicated to prostitution, typically featuring several Laufhäuser as well as windows where girls sit and try to attract business from passers-by. The most famous red-light street is probably the Herbertstrasse in Hamburg, but there are several others for example in Mannheim (Lupinenstraße), Essen (Stahlstrasse) or Dortmund (Linienstrasse).

Escort Service

Escort Services in Germany, like in most other countries, offer individual service at the customer's premises (house or hotel room) by appointment.

Street Prostitution

Regular street prostitution does still exist in some places in Germany, though the volume is declining due to competition of brothels and FKK clubs, which often offer much better value for the money. Because of security and hygiene concerns, one is generally good advised to avoid these types of offerings.

Peep Show

A peep show is a special kind of strip club offering private cabins where patrons can insert coins to view the strippers in private. Due to regulation and lack of customer interest, there are only three peep shows left in Germany: Nürnberg, Bochum and Saarbrücken.

Legal Status

In Germany, prostitution is generally legal, as long as all persons involved are 18 or older.