Regions in Brazil

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General Information

Sex plays a major part in the life of ordinary Brazilians. If you look for the best sex of your life you will very likely find it in Brazil.

Types of Adult Entertainment Places in Brazil


Termas come in all price ranges. You are very likely to get very good service there, especially in the more expensive places. You will have to pay an entrance fee and a fee for the girl. You will have to undress and enter the place in a pajama. After you select a girl you will go with her to a private room. Make sure to select a girl that also shows good attitude and you are ready for the ride of your life. The German FKK clubs are modeled after this highly successful model.


A "casa" (house) is what would be called a brothel in English. They come in all price ranges, starting at 20 reais for the bottom selection to several hundred reais for the better ones. You can meet the girls are in a room. Sometimes there is a bar, there may be even some dancing and music. You can have a drink, select a girls bring her to a room. Some of these places are quite crowded with girls and customers. The better places which may be located in office buildings can offer real stunners.


Many freelancers hang out near the tourist spots or in regular night clubs. The - now closed - Help bar at Copacabana beach in Rio was one of the famous spots.

Escort Service

Many escort services are advertised. Again, prices and quality varies.

Street Prostitution

There are many streets with hookers in Brazil, e.g. near Gloria and Cateche in Rio or at Copacabana beach. Most of them are on the lower end price wise and quality wise. If you plan to have sex with a girl, please make sure that it is a woman and not a transvestite which are quite common.


Brazil is a very oversexed country. Brazilians have sex and enjoy sex. While recent developments have brought some xenophobia, tt is still very common to have sex with a foreigner. Basic knowledge in Portuguese will be helpful.


Many young people in Brazil live with their families. Since Brazil is not only a very oversexed but also a Catholic country, Motels cater to the needs of lovers. A motel is a place were you rent a room for an hour, a few hours or for the whole night. If you pick up a girl or a working girl (garota de programa) just tell the cab driver to go to a "motel". They come in all price ranges and likely, you companion can recommend one.

Legal Status

In Brazil, prostitution is generally legal, but brothels are not. Very little problems have been reported. Legal age for prostitution is 18 years.