Prostitution by country

Prostitution by country

Prostitution laws exists in nearly all countries. And as you can see in the map, prostitution is officially illegal in nearly all of the world. 

The following color codes are used in the map:

Green: Prostitution is legal but regulated

Blue: Prostitution is legal but certain activities such as brothels are illegal

Red: Prostitution is illegal

Grey: No data available

You see that prostitution is even illegal in some of the major red-light centers of the world like Thailand. While seldom enforced, this situation is sometimes used to set traps for customers and scam them off. We would be more ...

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Feds seizes and Protecting Your Anonymity: A How-to for Sex Workers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reported that last week an online community for sex workers called has been sized by the feds due to claims that they are part of a prostitution and money laundering investigation.

The EFF describes MyRedBook as a site and social media platform that helped sex workers to discuss a wide range of topics, ranging from politics, financial tips to explanations of the law as it pertains to sex work to health information.

Please check the website of the EFF for an excellent article about Protecting Your Anonymity: A How-to for Sex Workers 

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