Average Dick Size by Country

Average Dick Size by Country

Finally, after having brought you a map of the breast sizes of the world today we bring you a map that shows the average penis size. I assume it is male size only but it is rumored that in some countries even women have dicks.  

We don't see much that surprises us. We see some well endowed black men in Africa (red countries) and some Asian countries where men have small wieners. Since China will soon overtake the US as the world biggest economy, I guess the Chinese men must not worry too much. What they lack in size they can make up with wealth. I see the Ferraris and Porsches in China every day. But what surprises me are some South American countries, the northern countries like Colombia (an excellent monger spot) and Venezuela are colored red, claiming an AVERAGE size of 16 to 17 centimeters. Honestly, I don't believe this. I did several business trips to Colombia to check the quality of some adult entertainment sports for you, and the girls always said "grande! grande! grande!" when they saw the best part of me. I think the Colombians must have cheated a little bit with their sizes.

monger, 01/16/2014 2 comments


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