World Wide Age of Consent

World Wide Age of Consent

Well, this post might come across a little creepy and probably it is but we want to show you a world wide comparison of the Age of Consent. It is surprising, how low the age of consent is in some countries. You can find a little bit more information here. Please be advised that the "age of consent" is only for freebies and not for paid sex which might be VERY different. 

monger, 01/15/2014 3 comments

Little Willy Condoms

Little Willy Condoms

I realized that my Co-Blogger Puffmeister is not so well endowed and uses Little Willy Condoms. I have another problem here in Asia - Small Pussy Syndrome - a real curse for a guy like me. 

Stay tuned. I will bring you a world wide map of the average penis sizes soon.  

monger, 01/15/2014 2 comments

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