Average Dick Size by Country

Average Dick Size by Country

Finally, after having brought you a map of the breast sizes of the world today we bring you a map that shows the average penis size. I assume it is male size only but it is rumored that in some countries even women have dicks.  

We don't see much that surprises us. We see some well endowed black men in Africa (red countries) and some Asian countries where men have small wieners. Since China will soon overtake the US as the world biggest economy, I guess the Chinese men must not worry too much. What they lack in size ...

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monger, 01/16/2014 2 comments

World Wide Age of Consent

World Wide Age of Consent

Well, this post might come across a little creepy and probably it is but we want to show you a world wide comparison of the Age of Consent. It is surprising, how low the age of consent is in some countries. You can find a little bit more information here. Please be advised that the "age of consent" is only for freebies and not for paid sex which might be VERY different. 

monger, 01/15/2014 3 comments

Little Willy Condoms

Little Willy Condoms

I realized that my Co-Blogger Puffmeister is not so well endowed and uses Little Willy Condoms. I have another problem here in Asia - Small Pussy Syndrome - a real curse for a guy like me. 

Stay tuned. I will bring you a world wide map of the average penis sizes soon.  

monger, 01/15/2014 2 comments

Canada lifts all restrictions on prostitution

Landmark Supreme Court ruling says bans on solicitation and brothels violated sex workers' right to safety.

Guys, this is great news and we hope we can deliver soon more Canadian "adult entertainment spots" in our database. By the way, who would have thought we ever link to Aljazeera News in our blog? 

To say it bluntly: If fucking is legal and selling is legal then "selling fucking" should be legal too. So, congratulations to the Canadians for the wise decision of their government not to waste tax dollars for the prohibition of paid sex, aka "prostitution".  In my opinion it ...

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monger, 01/14/2014 2 comments

Eine Antwort an Tanja Rahm

Liebe Tanja,

als regelmäßiger "Sex-Käufer" (ich bevorzuge eine andere Terminologie, aber meinetwegen) will ich gerne deinen Brief beantworten.

Du schreibst, dass du dich vor deinen Kunden und ihren "kranken Fantasien" geekelt und deinen Beruf gehasst hast. Das tut mir (ganz ehrlich!) leid, aber ich frage mich auch: Warum in aller Welt hast du ihn dann eigentlich gemacht?

Wenn man sich bei irgendeinem Job nicht wohl fühlt, gibt es eine ganz einfache Möglichkeit, damit umzugehen: Man kündigt und hört damit auf. Und bitte komm mir nicht mit Menschen, die nicht kündigen können, weil sie zur Sexarbeit (oder einer anderen Tätigkeit) gezwungen ...

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Puffmeister, 01/13/2014 13 comments

Christmas Dip

Christmas Dip

Ups. A small Christmas dip in our access logs. Looks like Christmas decreases demand for paid sex for a few days ;-)

monger, 01/01/2014 2 comments

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