French parliament votes to ban buying sex

The french parliament has passed a bill which will make paying for sex illegal. Offenders will, if they get caught, have to pay a fine of 1500 Euros (about $ 2000); for repeated offenders the fine will be doubled. While club operators in neighbouring countries, especially Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain, will probably celebrate this special subsidy programme with a bottle of champagne, french sex workers won't have much fun with it - a recent study from Sweden, which has a similar law, shows that working conditions were getting much worse, and violence against sex workers increased by 400%.

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Petition against criminalizing sex work in Germany

A few weeks ago, the well known men-hating feminazi Alice Schwarzer launched a campaign in Germany, seeking to (re-)criminalize sex work, all in the name of "women's liberation". That alone wouldn't exactly be news, as she's constantly belching out her bizarre "arguments" against pornography, heterosexual sex and men in general for over 30 years now. Except that this time she got heavily publicized all over the German press, because she tricked some B- and C-list celebrities into signing a petition, which asks for nothing less than "ending prostitution". On a global scale, of course.

How exactly ...

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Welcome to the isexdblog

Big News: isexdb now has a blog, the isexdblog. We're not quite sure yet where this will lead us, but expect some interesting content here in the near future.

If you want to share a funny, interesting or insightful story with our readers, for example how you met this charming young lady in Pattaya who later turned out to be a boy, or how you caught an STD in Colombia because you didn't look up the place on isexdb before, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]. If the story is good, we publish ...

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